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i luv it poems novels dark colors larme kei

i hate it weirdos mikoto haters people who call me by my old name

do not interact if (1) you are over the age of 18 (2) proshipper (3) trans exclusionist (4) pretty much fit any of the basic criteria

before you interact (1) I deal with bpd symptoms (2) I commonly like to talk about my intrests (3)I sometimes put my posts in spanish (4) I call some fictional characters "my wife"

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@piercetheangel I don't trust you

currently hyperfixiated with bsd milgram tyler the creator

i also rlly like bojack horseman pierce the veil, colorful stage osamu dazai novels

kins <3

sakurai haruka - milgram
kayano mikoto - milgram
sigma - bsd